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  • We are looking for 1940's themed traders and selective alternatives.
  • Owners of Vintage military, commercial and private vehicles cars and motor cycles ( must have public liability insurance )

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For Trader/Exhibitor and Vintage Vehicle enquiries use the application form request button and complete the on-line request form, please ensure that you have a valid public liability insurance certificate as we cannot accept your application otherwise.

Come along and meet one of our special guests, as seen on national TV
Meet the remarkable woman who permanently lives in 1939 – and see how she’s transformed her home

Story by kind permission Scunthorpe Telegraph  |  Posted: March 07, 2016
By David Elliott

SOME people may dream of leaving the technology, trials, tribulations and fast pace of modern life behind and returning to a rosier bygone era.

But one North Lincolnshire woman has done exactly that and for the last 10 years, has lived her life as if it is permanently 1939.

For Joanna Francis, 39, of Burton-Upon-Stather, a typical day begins with emptying her chamber pot, before getting dressed into period clothing and heading out to work on her 1937 Raleigh bicycle.

Then, after returning home, stoking the fire and cooking a simple meal, she often spends evenings listening to records on her gramophone or hosting friends.
Joanna said she had always been interested in the 1930s and 1940s era, but started to live the authentic lifestyle after buying her home 10 years ago. Since then, she has stripped out modern facilities and technology and faithfully restored it to how it would have been in the late 1930s.
She said: "When I bought the house, I wanted to have it as it would have been in the 1930s and 1940s.
"I have always had a thing for the past and this era particularly.
"I don't know where it came from, but I have always been interested, right from primary school.
"One of my teachers was really interested in that era and I had this empathy with the passion he had for that era.
"I have always been interested and when I used to go to museums and see their 1930s and 1940s rooms, it felt natural.
"I think the museums set off wanting to live like this. I wanted it all to be alive and that is what I have done."
Joanna does not own a television or computer, travels on her bicycle and has not used a washing machine for 10 years.
She works for herself as a "daily" – a type of housemaid – cleaning homes around Burton and the surrounding villages and caring for the elderly.
And she said one of the main advantages of her lifestyle was its health benefits.
She said: "It is a healthier way of living and you keep fit.
"I try to eat the food they would have had and I bicycle to work like they would have done.
"Modern people like to sit down, play games and type on their computer.
"But in the time they are doing that, I am doing something else like washing clothes, or I am out in the garden, or playing gramophone records and dancing around the room on my own, looking daft.
"If you compare my time at home to a modern person's, I probably do a lot more miles in my house than they do."
Joanna, whose one concession to modern life is her mobile phone, said her lifestyle did have some disadvantages.
They include being "out of touch" with modern events, although friends keep her up-to-date with the news and she picks up "snippets" from newspapers.
But she said the biggest down side of her lifestyle was finding somebody to share it with.
She said: "The biggest disadvantage is finding the right man for me.
"I have dated a few men and they are all right for a while, but they come here, see how it is and it is a bit more than they thought it was. It is not a weekend hobby, it is a 24/7 hobby.
"It is a very big, deep passion and unless you are genuinely interested, a relationship isn't going to last."

Joanna has featured in national newspapers and on ITV programme Good Morning Britain this week as her lifestyle attracted nationwide attention.
But she said: "The worst thing is I am dreadful when I am centre-stage – it is not my cup of tea and I am the first one to hide behind everybody else.
"My friends have been good and have been telling me what people have been saying.
"Overall, apparently it is very supportive and people are really interested, which is quite shocking because I am surprised people are interested.
"My house is so quiet and everybody else moves so fast, so it is hard for me to process."

World War II Association Northern & Guests
We are privileged to have at our event the Northern World War II Association and guests the 82nd Airborne re enactment group, come along and see many of the military vehicles and re enactments at our 7 Lakes Country Park Crowle.
Photo's kindly donated by FortiesinFocus, Bobs Fighting 40's and artwork by Photography by Pete Hibbard

Click above to book tickets

Click above to book tickets

Crowle & Ealand 1940s Weekend in conjunction with Hirst Priory Events present
An entertainment packed evening, don't miss out on this great entertainment package.
With a nostalgic entertainment package to keep you dancing all night, we are proud to present Miss Marina Mae, Capt Don Gentile and Room 21 Big Band.
All this takes place in the majestic grounds of Hirst Priory near the market town of Crowle North Lincolnshire the home of Bomber County
With Licensed Bar, On-line ticket service is now 'live'  hurry tickets expected to sell fast. Price £25.00 pp includes Hog roast..

Follow the link for our ticket booking service :

This September 24-25th the premier event in North Lincolnshire Crowle & Ealand 1940's Weekend proudly present some of the finest entertainment from the 1940's.. With more entertainment being planned, be a part of this event bring all the family and invite your friends, for a nostalgic trip to the 1940's the only place to be in September is Crowle and Ealand in North Lincolnshire 'Bomber County'

We are pleased to announce that our parade will be headed by the Scunthorpe and District Pipe Band, a big thank you from the organisers for there contribution to this premier event in 'Bomber County'.
We would like to take this opportunity to announce that one of our distinguished guests Marshal of the RAF Sir Arthur ( Bomber ) Harris and Lady Harris will be overlooking proceedings at the event. We warmly welcome back Sir Arthur and Lady Harris back to 'Bomber County' the only 1940's event to be at in September.

This September 24-25th the premier event in North Lincolnshire Crowle & Ealand 1940's Weekend proudly present some of the finest entertainment from the 1940's.. With more entertainment being planned, be a part of this event bring all the family and invite your friends, for a nostalgic trip to the 1940's the only place to be in September is Crowle and Ealand in North Lincolnshire 'Bomber County'

Crowle & Ealand 1940's Weekend are proud to present guest author Carole McEntee-Taylor, Carole will be exhibiting her books and signing copies, if you have previously purchased Carole's books please bring them along and she will sign them.

Carole McEntee-Taylor
I began writing The Cat & The Nightingale Saga to cheer up my father in law, Ted, after he had a massive stroke in 2008. Despite numerous approaches I could not find a publisher but was asked to write a non-fiction account of Ted’s experiences which I did and The Weekend Trippers was the result. Having already written three volumes of the Saga, something I thoroughly enjoyed doing, I decided to keep writing them and publish them myself.
Writing ‘The Weekend Trippers’ and ‘The Cat & The Nightingale Saga’ provided the perfect opportunity to combine my love of writing with a long standing interest in world politics, history and Britain’s military campaigns, particularly the forgotten battles and their participants. Coincidentally my own father, Anthony McEntee, served in 2nd Bn The Rifle Brigade in the British Army of Occupation in Germany from 1945 – 47. His path and Ted’s would have crossed at some point as Ted was also in the 2nd Bn Rifle Brigade in Germany at the same time, having re-enlisted in 1946.
In 2012 I met Michael Turner who was raising money for a statue in Walton on the Naze Essex to Herbert Columbine VC. I began writing Herbert’s biography which was subsequently published by Pen and Sword. They have also published my other military histories including the rewrite of The Weekend Trippers, now renamed Surviving The Nazi Onslaught.
In 2014 I decided to try again to find a publisher for The Cat and the Nightingale Saga. My writing style had changed by then and I was eager to have an opportunity to rewrite the story. GWL Publishing were interested and after several rewrites I finally found the right format and Lives Apart: A WW2 Chronicle was born.
In January 2016 I moved to North Lincolnshire with my husband David and now write full time. Prior to that we lived in North East Essex and I worked at the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC) in Colchester for 9 years. David is ex 2nd Bn Royal Green Jackets (KRRC) and TA 71 Yeomanry Signals Regt (V) and worked for the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA).

Herbert Columbine VC


‘This is a fascinating account of a young man who never knew he was a hero, and the kind of world that made him the man he became.’ Dame Judi Dench

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Crowle North Lincolnshire

About Us
 The first event of its type in the North Lincolnshire town of Crowle and village of Ealand, 5 mins journey by car from Junc 2 M180, events taking place throughout the Town of Crowle and villiage of Ealand.
We will be staging more activities at the 7 Lakes country park.
Come and taste the atmosphere of life in North Lincolnshire with a nostalgic look at the 1940's, amongst the attractions will be re enactments from the 'Northern World War II Association', living history group, during the day wartime songs from Miss Marina Mae and Don Gentile, vintage buses and military vehicles, vintage clothes traders and a special real ale will be available.
BBMF fly past  will take place weather permitting with a Douglas C 47 Dakota Mk III ZA947.

Further to the daytime events we will be holding an evening meal and dance at the Hirst Priory Country House, entertainment provided by Room 21 Big Band, Miss Marina Mae and Captain Don Gentile. This is a ticket only event and tickets will be on sale shortly.

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